Diamond Bedding Empoly Dream Mattress


Diamond Bedding Empoly Dream Mattress

The Empoly Dream series is a unique product with high resilience capacity thanks to the specially formulated ‘CR’ foam used in its design. This mattress goes beyond offering a comfortable sleep experience while perfectly combining flexibility and balance. With Empoly Dream, every moment of sleep will allow you to break the limits of your dreams.

‘CR’ Foam Technology

The biggest feature of the Empoly Dream series is that it is designed with specially formulated ‘CR’ foam. This foam offers high resilience capacity and perfectly adapts to the movements of your body.

Flexibility and Support

Empoly Dream provides optimal support combined with flexibility. When you lie down on the bed, the softness of the foam envelops you and supports the natural curves of your body.

Flexible Air Flow

Empoly Dream’s ‘CR’ foam has a breathable structure. In this way, air flow is provided and a fresh sleeping environment is created in the mattress.

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