Rebonded (Bondex) Foam


Empoly Foam Rebonded (Bondex) Foam

Rebonded foam is a type of upholstery material made of high-density polyurethane foam produced by a special production process. Such foams are generally used in furniture, mattresses, car seats, sound insulation panels, packaging materials and many other areas. Rebonded foam stands out with its more dense and durable structure compared to standard foams.

Areas of Use

Furniture: Used to provide comfort and support in sofas, seat cushions, chairs and other upholstered furniture.
Mattress Industry: It is used in mattress inner layers to provide a comfortable sleep experience in mattresses.
Automotive: It is preferred to provide comfort and durability in seat upholstery and coatings in automobile interiors.
Sound Insulation: Thanks to its sound absorbing properties, it is used in recording studios, cinema halls and home sound insulation projects.
Packaging Materials: It is used in packaging materials for the protection of fragile items due to its shock absorbing properties.

NOTE: Your 1 piece order will be sent as 1 m³ foam.

NOTE: In case of special order, we have foam production between 14 – 100 DNS. Please get an offer from us for your special size and DNS orders.

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